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Five Häagen Dazs® Business Strategies to Attract High Paying Clients Ready to Pay Top $ollar to get a Taste of Your Business”


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Getting Paid Häagen-Dazs® Pricing
Doing What you Love to Do!

  • Ever delay producing a proposal or contract because you’re not sure how to price your services? Could you be UNDER-PRICING?
  • Worry if with the changes in the economy, people cannot afford to pay you for the full value you provide? If so are your possibly UNDER-EARNING?
  • Are you just starting out and feel that you don’t have as much to offer as your competitors? Could you be UNDER-VALUING yourself, your products and your services?

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9 Key Strategies to Get the Business Results You Want With the People and Resources You Have


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Let’s talk about the Top 5 strategies to Attract Higher Paying Clients and Get Paid Häagen Dazs® Pricing for your Services while Working Less Doing What You Love.

Look at the Top 5 Häagen Dazs® strategies below, which ones do you do effectively? What ones could you add to your business?

  • Sell a BUNDLE: Bundle services/products together to better serve your clients and gain long term higher investment and more satisfied clients.

  • Be PROPRIETARY: Develop your unique branding system, the step by step process that produces results for your clients and attract clients like bees to honey to your proprietary offering.

  • Offer ON-RAMPS: Using a problem/solution/problem strategy and developing multiple on-ramps to your services to assure an endless flow of clients.

  • Have a JUICY Marketing Message: learn the inner dialog of your clients and use their language in offering your product or service.

  • Sell the DESTINATION, not the journey; too many business owners focus on the features and benefits of their offering, focus on the transformation you provide.


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